PolyLAN 36: Planning

The P36 planning is available! We look forward to see you all on Friday from 5pm!


PolyLAN 36 : Last places

Good evening to all!
This little message is to announce that we will be adding about 15 places tomorrow (Wednesday) evening around 7pm.
We also take the opportunity to announce the theme of this LAN, the poster may have given you a clue: JURASSIC!

We hope you're up to ...


PolyLAN 36: Placement requests

Hello everyone

If you have any specific placement requests, please send them to placement@polylan.ch by Friday, November 19th. By default, teams are placed together, so there is no need to send a request.

See you in LAN


Pre-registration PolyLAN 36

Hello to everyone,
Pre-registration for PolyLAN 36 is open. We remind you that this small LAN 100% animations will take place from Friday, November 26th to Sunday, November 28th at the Rolex Learning Center Forum.
Warning: the pre-registration does not reserve your place! Your place will be validated ...


PolyLAN 36: Save the date


After two years without a live event, PolyLAN is finally back! We are pleased to announce PolyLAN 36, a small animation-only LAN that will take place at the Rolex Learning Center from Friday, November 26 to Sunday 28.

In accordance with the current regulations, a COVID certificate will be ...


PolyWAN I: list of tournaments and registration

Hello everyone !

Registrations for PolyWAN I, our online event taking place on May 7-9, will open tonight ! Be ready :D ! Here is some information:

  • TOURNAMENTS: As tournaments, we'll propose League of Legends (5v5) and CS:GO (5v5) during 2 days (Saturday and Sunday), Hearthstone (1v1) on Saturday and Rocket ...


An online event! PolyWAN I

Hello everyone,

Following our last survey, we have the pleasure to annouce our first (and hopefully our last) online edition of PolyLAN : PolyWAN I.

This free event will take place from Friday the 7th of May 8 p.m. to Sunday the 9th of May 8 p.m.

We will ...


Un événement en ligne ?

Bonjour à toutes et à tous !

Comme vous le savez, la grande LAN qui aurait du avoir lieu à Pâques cette année a une nouvelle fois été annulée en raison de la situation sanitaire. Cependant, nous envisageons d'organiser un événement en ligne dans l'esprit de PolyLAN, avec des ...


Easter 2021 LAN canceled

Hello everyone,

As you may have guessed, the LAN-party that should have taken place at STCC on the Easter weekend is again canceled. Indeed, EPFL directly canceled every event for this semester.

We really hope that we will be able to come back next semester and that you will be ...


No LAN this fall :(

Dear players, dear staffs,

We are truly sorry to announce that there will be no LAN this coming fall. EPFL's conditions on events prevent us to organize an enjoyable LAN party for this semester. Our next event should therefore be our Easter LAN in April 2021, if things get ...