PolyLAN 37: Last directives before the event

Dear gamers,
As part of PolyLAN 37, we are waiting for you from Friday, April 15 at 10:00AM at the doors of the SwissTech Convention Center.
We made a PDF file containing all the relevant information you'll need during your stay at PolyLAN 37.

>>> It …


PolyLAN 37: Some informations

Hello ! Here is some information for the LAN which is coming soon:


The theme of this LAN will be: Arcade/Retro. You may have already seen our beautiful posters on the Lausanne campus. A big thank you to Mel Kopa who made the design!

PolyLAN 37 poster

Visitor entries

Good news …


PolyLAN 37: Games list for the animations

The list of games present at the animations of PolyLAN 37 is available!

Please note that this list is subject to change. In particular, we will most certainly add some games between now and the LAN.

Among Us
Apex Legends
Bake 'n Switch
Blobby Volley
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Cuphead …


PolyLAN 37: Registration, tournaments and cash prizes

Hello everyone

Here is some more information about registration and tournaments:

  • Because the Valorant tournament is filling up very slowly, we had to set a minimum threshold of 8 confirmed teams, and if this number is not reached by March 22, we will be forced to cancel the tournament. The …


PolyLAN 37: Pre-registrations are open

Pre-registration for PolyLAN 37 is open!

This gives you the opportunity to prepare your team and validate your roster in order to be ready to validate your registration by paying tomorrow morning from 10am.


PolyLAN 37 : Registrations announcement

Hello !

We have the privilege to announce that the registrations for PolyLAN 37 will be available starting Thursday 3 March 2022 at 10am.
From that moment, you will be able to register both on line and at the AGEPoly's shop on campus. If you prefer booking on site …


PolyLAN 37: Save the date

Hello to all!

It was uncertain for a long time due to the health situation, but it is now confirmed, the next edition of PolyLAN can take place at Easter!
We invite you to reserve the date for PolyLAN 37, from April 15 to 18 at the Swiss Tech Convention …


PolyLAN 36: Planning

Le planning des Animations pour P36 est enfin disponible ! On se réjouit de vous voir vendredi dès 17h !


PolyLAN 36 : Last places

Bonsoir à tous et à toutes !
Ce petit message pour annoncer que nous allons ajouter une quinzaine de places demain (mercredi) soir aux alentours de 19h.
Nous profitons aussi pour annoncer le thème de cette LAN, l'affiche vous a peut-être donné un indice : JURASSIQUE !

On espère que …


PolyLAN 36: Placement requests

Bonjour tout le monde

Si vous avez des demandes de placement particulières, merci de les envoyer à placement@polylan.ch d'ici au vendredi 19 novembre. Par défaut, les teams sont placées ensemble, il n'y a donc pas besoin d'envoyer de demande en ce sens.

À + en LAN