Hello everyone, registration for PolyLAN will open soon and we take this opportunity to review some important points :

  • A pre-registration does not automatically validate a place: only the payment validates your place. So, if you try to pay your pre-registration while the event is full, you will not be able to complete the payment.
  • For people who participate in an e-sport team tournament, it is only possible to pay for your place if you are part of a team and a locked roster. More details on how to join a roster are available in the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8DPtdA9I30
  • When paying online, it is possible to pay for several people (it is IMPERATIVE that these people have also chosen the payment method "online"). Attention: the place does not belong to the person who paid but to the player to whom the place is allocated. See this video for more details on how to pay for several people https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6TiPQmJknU
  • For people who have chosen the animation pack, it is also important to join a team. Indeed, all the people in a team are automatically placed side by side. People who are not part of a team will be placed together.
  • We reserve the right to change the maximum number of players and/or teams in a tournament. This happens frequently to accommodate the number of people wishing to participate.
  • When the event is ~85% full, we block the possibility to register so that we can complete the tournament teams, allowing them to have the right number of people. Once this step is completed, we gradually put any remaining places up for sale.
  • Teams that have [the_number_of_persons_needed_for_the_game - 1] paid persons are validated (for example: 4 persons for LoL, 2 for RL). Validated teams will necessarily have a place in the tournament. People who are part of the team, but who have not yet had the possibility to pay, will have to contact us via the contact form on the PolyLAN website.
  • After a certain period of time, displayed on the homepage, the players of the invalid teams will be moved in animation without reimbursement of the 5 CHF cash-prize participation fee.
  • People who would like an additional place can now select an "additional place" package when registering. Please note: this additional place cannot be resold separately from the basic registration. /!\
  • If the event is sold out and you have not yet been able to get a place, you should pay special attention to the seating exchange. A person who is no longer able to attend the event can resell his or her place on this page (https://polylan.ch/ticketstrader/). The ticket trader also makes it possible to transfer your place to a desired person. Indeed, the seller is free to choose to whom he wants to sell his place.


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