What is PolyGaming?

PolyGaming is a new tournament format. This tournament by teams of 3 is the perfect mix between the traditional PolyLAN animations and the more classical format of our other tournaments. The goal of this new concept is to offer an intermediate possibility between playing competitively during the whole event on a single game or participating in the numerous animations.

With this new concept, you compete as a team on a limited number of pre-defined games. We were keen to represent the main styles of play as well as offer a choice of mostly free games.

Beware, if you participate in PolyGaming, you can't join the classic tournaments or the animations! You will only be able to join the animations once you have been eliminated from PolyGaming (either by defeat or by forfeit).


The tournament includes six mandatory games on which participating teams will compete:

The goal of this tournament is therefore versatility.

First phase

First, the participating teams compete on the six games, one after the other. Each game is played in its own mini-format and allows the team to win points, calculated according to the position within the mini-format.

These points are added up and contribute to the overall ranking of the team within PolyGaming. This ranking will allow to elect the four best teams of this edition, which will then participate in the final phases to decide between them.

Final phase

The final phase consists of a grand final between the 1st and 2nd team, accompanied by a small final between the 3rd and 4th team. Both finals are played in Bo5 (3 winning rounds, 1 round per tournament game).

The game of the first round is chosen by the highest ranked team in the previous phase, then by the loser of the previous round for the game of the next round.


Just like the standard tournaments, there will be a cash prize to be shared for the top three teams. The amount will of course be adjusted to the number of participants as with all tournaments.


Given the additional complexity brought by the proposed format, we remain at your disposal for any questions regarding it. Please feel free to ask us by email, Discord, or any other communication channel.

Format (PDF)

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