08 Mar. 2017 12:46:38 / Looking for a 3rd rocketleague player(all ratings)
Our 3rd player cant come and now we are in need of a 3rd car!
We participate in the tournament for fun so no matter what rank you are you can play with us.
About us:
My mate is challenger elite and has about 50 hours playtime.
I am currently Grand Champion in 2s and champion in 3s.
19 Apr. 2022 04:33:11 / Looking for a 3rd rocketleague player(all ratings)
on the thought of his buddy zhuge qing, zhang chulan and feng baobao came to resolve the case with the help of “anywhere” business enterprise. how does zhang chulan display his competencies to assist the king trap the black hand backstage? what wonderful overall performance will zhuge qing, wang ye and others have? who're the people who covet the “8 wonders”? “under one guy-becoming a member of the world” may be introducedsoon!
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