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In order to structure the proceeding of the animations and attribution of points and prizes, we established the following rules:

I. Animations earn you points for the general ranking. These points are evaluated at the beginning of each animation but recalculated and fixed at the end of the animation.

II. Only the position in the overall ranking is taken into account at the award ceremony. There is no price for one animation.

III. The standard duration of an animation is two hours and 30 minutes or 5 hours for the larger ones.

IV. Individual animations whose number of participants is less than 8 are subject to cancellation, according to the judgment of the admin in charge of animation.

V. Animations in teams with fewer than 6 teams are likely to be canceled, according to the admin's judgment in charge of animation.

VI. The distribution of the points of an animation of standard duration is calculated using a very complex formula accessible in the following file:

VII. The distribution of the points for red wire animation  and the special animations (IRL, etc.) will be slightly different according to the appreciation of the admins.

VIII. It is generally forbidden to register for two animations taking place at the same time. Exception: in the event of premature elimination to a team animation, players can register with others. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. However, some animations make it possible to register for several at the same time: red wire animations or special animations.

IX. PolyLAN reserves the right to move or cancel an animation.

X. Fair play and good humor are a must. Anti-gambling, cheating, and more generally negative behavior that impedes the smooth running of the LAN will be sanctioned.

XI. Although open to discussion, admins reserve the right to impose their decisions.


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