The purpose of this regulation is to ensure the proper functioning of the event. In all cases, the committee expects the problems to be reported to them so that they can resolve the situation. In addition to the PolyLAN rules, the rules of the EPFL as well as the EPFL events regulations apply. EPFL via its representative bodies always has the last word in case of problem or litigation.

  1. Article
    The use of any audio system (speaker, subwoofer etc ...) is prohibited, only headphones are allowed.
  2. Article
    Anyone wishing to register PolyLAN, shall formally indicate when registering if it is subject to epileptic seizures or loss of consciousness due to visual stimulation of certain flashing lights or light effects. In addition, it certifies that the data entered on the website during the registration is correct and authentic.
  3. Article
  4. You certify that the information you provied to PolyLAN are correct.
  5. Article
    Organizers will under no circumstances be held responsible for the actions of participants outside of the event.
  6. Article
    In case of degradation, breakage, or theft of participant materials (including cars,motorcycles, bicycles etc ...), PolyLAN can not be held responsible, Any damage caused to materials to a third party must be reimbursed.
  7. Article
    PolyLAN reserves the right to take action against a player who has caused damage to the building or furniture during the event.
  8. Article
    Animals are not allowed.
  9. Article
    Glass bottles are prohibited in the building, any bottle found will be confiscated. PolyLAN also retains the right to exclude the player from the event.
  10. Article
    It is strictly forbidden to use electric devices other than your PC (inverter, fan, etc ...)
  11. Article
    All electrical work or manipulation on network is prohibited, in case of problems seek the help of an organizer.
  12. Article
    It is forbidden to make racist, insulting or defamatory remarks during the event. This also applies to team names, roster names and any publicly accessible data via PolyLAN. The committee reserves the right to request a name change or block users contravening this section of the rules.
  13. Article
    In any case, PolyLAN cannot be held responsible for damage, loss or theft, which concern the assets of the participants, as well as any damages that may caused to other participants; and in the case of anti-piracy control.
  14. Article
    Minors will be accepted under the responsibility of their parents (written permission) or accompanied by a legal representative in the event.
  15. Article
    Any attempt of network saturation, hacking, theft, and any inappropriate behavior will result in expulsion of the person concerned.
  16. Article
    By participating, you agree not to participate in hacking in all forms. You are responsible for the digital contents of your discs and hardware.
  17. Article
    The organizing association reserves the right to modify or cancel the LAN altogether for reasons beyond its control.
  18. Article
    The sale or exchange of protected material is prohibited.
  19. Article
    The winners of various tournaments are required to collect their awards at the ceremony awards. In case of absence at the ceremony the player concerned can not claim batches, and these will be redistributed to other players during the ceremony or during the subsequent editions.
  20. Article
    Each player must have licenses for all games and software as well as installed on the PC operating system. We remind you that piracy is a reprehensible act by law.
  21. Article
    It is strictly forbidden to smoke (also valid for the electronic cigarette) throughout the building and to consume or possess any kind of drug, including low-calorie cannabis. Consumption of alcohol is permitted but alcohol and alcopops are prohibited. Anyone drunk or under the influence of narcotics disrupting the smooth running of the event may be expelled from the LAN.
  22. Article
    Visitors are not allowed in the event during the night from 22 pm to 8am during the whole event.
  23. Article
    Any form of promotion for an association, a structure or a company other than representation on clothes is prohibited without the permission of the PolyLAN committee. The association reserves the right to confiscate any unwanted promotional tool.
  24. Article
    The organizers reserve the right to expel without financial compensation any person who does not comply with this regulation, disrupting the event or for any other reason deemed sufficient by the organizers.
  25. Article
    It is forbidden to bring your own chair to the event, a chair will be provided to each player. In the event of a health problem that would require a special chair, the committee should be notified and provide proof of this need. If the evidence is considered sufficient, the applicant may then bring his seat by his own means.
  26. Article
    There can be a maximum of one manager per Roster during an event.
  27. Article
    It is forbidden to register for the event with more than one account per person.
  28. Article
    If a player's seat is paid for by another person, the player remains the owner of the seat and can do whatever he wants with it. In case of conflict, it is the responsibility of both parties to resolve the issue. PolyLAN does not intervene in the conflict.
  29. Article
    The players commit themselves to respect the minimum age required by the different games during the event. PolyLAN declines any responsibility in case of violation.
  30. Article
    The french version is authentic.

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