Doors opening time :
Doors closing time :

More details on the schedule page


The LAN price for the 4 days is:

  • 95 CHF for people who pay at the AGEPoly (that you can find here)
  • 100 CHF for people who pay by PayPal/Postfinance/Twint
An additional CHF 5 will be added to the packs "Tournaments " to participate in the cash prize.
A discount of 20 CHF will be given for students (in the case of buying a place in AGEPoly) on presentation of a student card.

The following packs are available as options:

  • 5 CHF for "The before"
  • 5 CHF for mousepads PolyLAN 38
  • 11 CHF for the shirt Gamers PolyLAN 38
  • 95 CHF for an additionnal place
To help PolyLAN financially, you can add 10, 20, 50 or 100 CHF to your packs. You should know that an event of this scale needs some money and a donation can really help us to survive.


The LAN will be located on EPFL campus at the "Rez-de-jardin" of the SwissTech Convention Center building.
All the details can be found on the page access

What you need to bring

Your computer : screen, tower, mouse and keyboard (in working condition if possible :)). Laptops are of course also welcome.
A headset (no speakers !)
A RJ45 cable (min. length 10 meters)
A power extension lead (example). No block power splitter (example)! Warning : Swiss power sockets
All the necessary drivers and installation DVD
Important : please do all the major updates (both OS and games) before coming to the event. Indeed, even if we have an excellent internet connection it will become a problem if everyone does a full system/games update right after arrival.
A sleeping bag and mattress for sleeping.

Your arrival at PolyLAN

We will do our best so that you will be able to unload your equipment close to the entrance. A parking will be available. Staff will be there so that you do not get lost.
The location in the LAN will be decided soon before the event.

Before the LAN

A lot of animations are organized, a planning will be available soon before the event.
People who subscribe to the Cash Prize tournaments will play their matchs in priority but will also be able to play to the other animations in case of elimination.
Important : the LAN is a non-smoking event, as it is forbidden to smoke inside the building, it will however be possible to go outside very conveniently.
Glass bottles are forbidden in the building by internal EPFL rules.


You will be able to access the internet freely with our crazy 13Gbs full-duplex internet connection.
Your IP address and DNS will be provided by our DHCP server, so you should not experience any configuration issues.
The internal network is at 1Gbs for everyone.


An event like this needs a lot of electrical power ( > 500'000W), thus each player will be provided with 2 power slots maximum.
No useless equipment will be tolerated (coffee maker, stoves, kettle, ... ).


You can find everything you need on site and h24! This year PolyLAN will hold the bar during the all event


A nearby room will be available exclusively for sleeping. Remember to take things to make yourself comfortable, we only provide a roof ;-)
Since we provide more than enough space to sleep, this time it will be forbidden to sleep in the main venue.

Parking and access

A parking is available free of charge, close to the Congress Center.
The event is also easy to reach using public transportation. Indeed the EPFL metro station is at 200m from the building entrance.
The details are available on the page access


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